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What We Do

Long-Term Strategic Partner for Middle-Market Industrial Companies

Heico makes long-term investments in middle-market industrial companies. We partner with management teams, leverage our expertise and deploy resources to help strengthen and grow our businesses for the long term.

Our Approach


Take Long-Term View

We are focused on deploying our capital to grow our portfolio of businesses and create value for the long term. As we are not constrained by artificial investment horizons, we make investment decisions while looking beyond short-term market cycles.


Maintain Culture, Identity and Independence

Our team provides our competitive advantage. While we support our portfolio companies, we allow them to operate independently and retain their own identities. This decentralized structure helps to maintain our businesses’ creativity, enthusiasm and entrepreneurship.


Provide Supporting Resources

Beyond capital, we provide our companies with professional advisory and administrative services that few companies of comparable size enjoy. These services include a global sourcing team, full-time legal and compliance professionals, IT infrastructure and support, HR and logistics specialists, centralized benefits, and environmental health and safety services.


Facilitate Cooperation Across Operations

We encourage all of our companies to share customer and vendor relationships, management practices and innovative technologies with each other. Our management teams meet with their industry cohorts several times per year and our business leaders meet annually each December. This collaboration generates business opportunities that help our businesses thrive.


Support and Develop Personnel

Our talented team is the key to our success. We invest in the training of all our team members, both in their specific roles, and particularly in their safety practices. We also encourage our team members to take on new roles at different companies or locations within Heico to further their professional growth.


Provide Strategic Guidance

We utilize the deep industry experience and operating acumen accumulated across our companies to help us guide and grow our businesses. Our executives meet with each of our operating teams every year to discuss their strategies, encourage innovation and support growth.

Our Organization


Many Industries. Countless Products. One Company.

We organize and manage our portfolio companies through four reporting groups: Ancra Group, Construction Group, Metal Processing Group and Pettibone Group. Each reporting Group is overseen by an executive management team that provides strategic guidance and support services to each of its companies. This structure allows each portfolio company to operate independently while also having dedicated resources available to help it achieve its goals.