Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria


Heico Acquisitions is interested in acquiring businesses where we can leverage our management team, experience and diversification to create value. Heico prefers to acquire companies that possess significant market share as well as products or services that exhibit above-average opportunities for revenue and earnings growth. Heico is well known for its history as an investor in distressed situations and continues to have interest in those opportunities. Today, however, we also frequently pursue strategic acquisitions of healthy businesses that complement our existing portfolio.

Heico is currently seeking to acquire both new portfolio platforms and add-ons to existing platforms.

New Portfolio Platforms

Heico will consider a wide range of manufacturing, distribution and service businesses where we believe that our management expertise can improve profitability. Demonstrating our broad approach, we have previously invested across a range of industries including manufacturing, construction, packaged food, distribution, media and communications, and professional sports. We are interested in both turnaround situations and healthy businesses where we see the opportunity to create value through operational improvements. We will aggressively pursue difficult situations, and we are able to move quickly when the situation requires a rapid transaction.

We will consider new platforms of any size, but prefer enterprises with at least $30 million in sales.

Portfolio Add-ons

  • Commercial concrete construction contractors
  • Manufacturers of HVAC components
  • Manufacturers of capital equipment for the tire and wire manufacturing and rubber extruding industries
  • Manufacturers of steel wire and wire products
  • Manufacturers and distributors of steel and industrial fasteners
  • Manufacturers of injection molded plastic parts
  • Manufacturers of electronic components
  • Manufacturers of equipment for the truck and air cargo industries
  • Manufacturers of heavy equipment for the construction, mining, rail, energy and forestry industries
  • Manufacturers of sewer and drain cleaning equipment
  • Providers of construction and maintenance services for industrial sites

Portfolio add-ons can range in size from $15 million to $1 billion in sales.

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